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Looking for a solution to get you on a faster track to success? Just starting out and need a mentor. Having a hard time getting to the next level with your music career? Tired of trying to figure out what to focus on to grow as an artist? Not being sought out or presented with the opportunities you deserve?

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SICK OF wasting time and money?

Many talented artists waste important, marketable years trying to figure out how to become successful on their own. After spending all their money on music production and expensive videos, they wonder why they aren’t attracting a million fans or the the opportunities they want. Years later, they feel like they have failed themselves and don’t know where they went wrong. Eventually many quit pursuing their dream when all they really needed to do, was spend their money on guidance and a road map in the early stages of development.

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Imagine if you knew
what only industry insiders understand about becoming a platinum selling artist?

I have interviewed hundreds of talented singer/songwriters who want a career in the music industry and 98% of them have a serious blind spot… and to no fault of their own.

The first question I asked was, “Do you feel you have what it takes to be a signed artist?” 100% of them answered YES. Most believed that if they bumped into the right person at a label, their talent was so obvious, they’d be discovered and land a record deal. 

The truth is their belief is not based in reality, because TALENT ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH to get you a record deal.  There is a process to becoming fully developed artist and it is not clear  and is unique to each person. Therefore, it requires professional guidance and the experience of someone who understands the psyche of an artist.

THEN I ASKED the next set of very important questions:

  1. Have you niched down to your perfect genre and found your authentic sound?

  2. Do you know what your “IT” factor is so you can build your brand?

  3. Do you know the rules of hit songwriting?

  4. Have you found your clear marketing message?

These very same singers/songwriters who believed they were ready to be signed artists answered NO to all or most of the above questions. These fundamentals hadn’t even crossed their minds! Why? Because they had no clue these things are the foundation they needed to be taken seriously by anyone in the music industry. 

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MORE EXPOSURE and marketing won’t make a difference

If you haven’t gone through the necessary steps of development. Don’t waste your time and money, because you truly don’t have the foundation that every artist must have in order to attract massive followers or a record label.

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THE REASON I created this program is because I’ve been in your shoes!

When I was in my 20s, I was an up and coming artist. I was the whole package: I looked the part, I had great songs and labels were asking me to showcase my original material. Due to my own unconscious insecurities and not having a mentor to guide me, I made huge mistakes that cost me my music career…and broke my heart. 

If I would have known what I know today, which were my own BLINDSPOTS I couldn’t see, things would have turned out differently and I’d be living out my dreams as a successful artist. Unfortunately, I have watched several of my own talented friends, do the very same thing. Even friends that came from MUSIC ROYALTY, made bad choices and killed their own record deals because of their blindspots!

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This is the sad truth. Intelligent, talented people seem to have a hard time getting out of their own way. This is exactly why you need a mentor and step-by-step process so you can achieve your dreams.

The process of becoming a master of your craft and an authentic artist requires both a specific skill set AND a commitment to a journey, which is ultimately a soul/spiritual journey. Every artist’s journey is unique to them, which is the reason you need an experienced mentor that understands how to facilitate the creative process and keep you on the right path. Most artists have a tendency to lose focus on what’s priority, especially when it comes to the business aspect of becoming an artist.

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DON’T let what happened to me happen to you…

It takes many years of trial and error to understand the process of artist development on your own. Even if you know the steps, which most don’t, it still takes time to implement, go through the stages and evolve.               

Every artist has insecurities that are a roadblock to their success, and the majority aren’t even aware of it! My course will help you identify and break through whatever is holding you back from reaching your true potential.

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This is a one of a kind LIFE TIME ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM for any talented singer or songwriter whose dream is to become a successful recording artist.  By enrolling you will have access to an education and information you won’t find anywhere else. 

You will learn the fundamentals that every successful artist has; How to Niche Down to your Authentic Genre and Style, How to Discover Your “IT” factor, You will Learn the Rules of Hit Songwriting, and how to Create your Clear Marketing Message. Without this foundation, you don’t have a chance in the music business. 

This program includes weekly live Zoom sessions, and is self paced, so there is no pressure to get to the finish line.  Artist Development is a process and can take years.  This course provides the information, knowledge and mentorship every artist must have and it’s a lot cheaper than college. 

Unlike college, you won’t leave with just a piece of paper. When you leave the academy, you will know exactly who you are as a developed artist with your vision statement in hand.  You’ll know how to write a hit song and understand you  clear marketing message, with a list of products and merch you will be selling. 

You will be a marketable artist who is ready to take the next step in your career. 

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  1. If you are serious about your commitment to your dream

  2. You are ready to take an honest look at the things that may be holding you back

  3. You believe you have room to grow as a songwriter

  4. You are dedicated to becoming an authentic artist


  1. If you think you already know it all  and want to keep doing things the same way

  2. You are not willing to do the homework/course exercises

  3. You are offended by constructive criticism

  4. You are a complainer and never satisfied


  1. 20 Instructional niche video presentations

  2. Course exercises to integrate and execute what you are learning

  3. Corresponding Course Worksheets

  4. In depth questionnaires for introspection

  5. One hour Zoom branding session with Marilee ($500 value)

  6. One-hour weekly homework critique with Marilee – mastermind

  7. Access to Facebook Group Community

  8. One-hour free Logic session with a pro engineer who is a Logic expert ($150) 

  9. Pop Music History Resources

  10. Lifetime Access

  11. Vocal exercises


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Do you dream about singing, writing, playing, performing, and recording songs? Is this something you know you have to do in order to be happy?

Some of us are creative beings that have music beating our hearts and running through our veins. It’s just who we are. If this is you, that’s awesome! The big question is this, how do you become a marketable artist?

I’m here to guide you through the process, because you will need help. You’ll need to master your craft, discover the truth of who you are as an artist, and really dig deep in order to become authentic, so you can carve out your place in the music industry as a professional and do what you came here to do.

Lets face it, great artists are needed on this planet today. Are you the next one?

I have gone through seven different voice coaches with backgrounds in classical and broadway training for the past twelve years. I used to compete in national singing competitions, perform on stage, play occasional gigs, and perform with a theatre company. My primary issue has always been my inability to use my diaphragm correctly. However, I have also struggled with placement, breathing techniques, and a lack of support when singing. By working with Marilee for only eight weeks, I have corrected all of these issues and gained confidence in my ability to sing again. Her lessons have given me the foundations necessary to sing without tension and learn how to use my voice correctly. I have even discovered more of my range than I thought I had, and I am learning to sing in registers of my voice that I was previously unaware of.

Madisen M.

I left my last voice teacher because I’d felt we’d hit a ceiling of her being able to teach me more advanced and the more technical side of singing. I am serious about being in the music industry, so I did some research and found Marilee. Marilee quickly corrected my vocal issues within weeks. Now my vocal range has grown faster than I thought was possible and high notes are effortless, no toll on my throat. I have now corrected some old habits and changed my muscle memory. She pushed me to get out and gig around town with another student of hers, to gain confidence in my performance. Now I’m writing songs. She really knows what she’s doing, and I couldn’t imagine where I would be with my development as an artist if I hadn’t found her.


Marilee is a fabulous teacher. I had a good background in choral performance, and she was able to take my solo vocal performance to another level. She really helped me open up and start to come into my potential as a vocalist. I highly recommend her.


Marilee is a kind, caring and attentive vocal teacher with an extensive background in vocal training and songwriting. I have been working with her for over a year now and I have seen tremendous results, both as a singer and a songwriter.


My daughter is a long-time student in the dramatic arts but was self-conscious of her singing voice. She has been with Marilee for over a year now and her self-confidence and vocal improvement is amazing! We are so grateful for Marilee’s kind, compassionate and enthusiastic teaching as well as her knowledge and experience.

Thank you, Marilee!


Marilee has been working with our daughter for almost two years, and we absolutely love her! We’ve seen so much improvement and couldn’t be happier. Marilee is professional, encouraging, and such a great coach. I’m so glad we found her!! I would recommend her to anyone!


You will never listen to a song the same way again after taking Marilee’s songwriting course.  If you are an experienced longtime songwriter, you will write songs with a different understanding, vibe, perspective, and possibly a new and different formula and strategy for songwriting after taking this course.  If you are taking this course to learn how to write your first song, you couldn’t be starting from a better place with this songwriting course. 

No matter what genre of music you want to write,  there is a formula, a pattern, and science behind songwriting that is taught in this course to help you build and construct a well-written song.  There is a combination of so much that goes into writing a song. Marilee breaks it all down for you and teaches how to add the magic ingredient of your own uniqueness to add to the science of songwriting. I can’t wait to write a new song after just completing Marilee’s songwriting course.  She makes her constructed learning process an absolute blast.  

Leigh Hetherington
Country music songwriter and artist and musical composer. Starred opposite Neil Patrick Harris in the Broadway show, RENT.

Before I joined Marilee’s songwriting course, I was a self-taught song writer who struggled to find a clear and consistent way to produce music that was simple, yet fun and interesting to listen to. Marilee was able to break down the basics of pop song writing as well as creating practices that made it much easier to understand what it was specifically that I needed to improve upon. She taught me incredibly useful information on melodies, production, and lyrics while providing historical and cultural backgrounds about the art of music. This all curated together into an inspiring class that made me motivated to continue songwriting and singing as a career. I would definitely recommend this class whether you are a complete beginner or if you’re an experienced songwriter who is looking to improve their music. 

Justin L.

I have been songwriting for myself as an artist for several years. I didn’t realize there were basic things I was missing when it came to writing catchy songs until I took this course.  Marilee’s approach breaks it all down in a way that is easy to understand and listening to song after song, from different genres and time periods, really helped me hear things in a new way. The homework pushed me out of my comfort zone and ultimately I became a better songwriter. It’s funny now that I know the information, I listen to hit songs differently. 

Matt Z.

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