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In the past, record labels provided this service to their artists. Now, artists have to figure out all the details of development on their own. This process can take years if done properly. Trying to make it happen on your own through trial and error can be a nightmare and a huge time waster. Every up-and-coming artist needs guidance from someone who has experience in the industry. The faster you sign up for “TADA” The Artist Development Academy,  the sooner you will be a developed artist ready to enter the music business confidently. 

TADA is a school and mentorship program for talented singers and songwriters who want to be successful in the music business.  It’s a step-by-step, A through Z, online program. We meet live each week on Zoom for consulting, workshopping, and homework. You will learn from the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained from teaching artist development, coaching singers and songwriters for over 15 years and my own experience as an up-and-coming artist and licensed songwriter. In this process, you will discover your authentic sound, find your “IT” factor, learn how to write hit songs that will attract your die-hard loyal fans, and create your clear marketing message. 


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I invite you to take this journey with me NOW, don’t wait. You won’t learn this in music school and you can’t learn this on YouTube. Time is crucial in this business; you need to find out who you are as an artist on a soul level and sharpen your skillsets. I promise you don’t even know what you don’t know. Every up-and-coming artist needs help with this work.  It’s a process that takes time.  Without having an experienced professional guide you, you will miss some of the essentials you must have to be a successful recording artist.

I will teach you how to connect with your greatness, like all the masters that have come before you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


Learn How To
Write Hit Songs

Discover Your Authentic Sound/Niche

Find Your
“IT” Factor

Your Marketing Message 


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Great training is crucial and as history has shown, many brilliant successful artists have the tendency to self-sabotage due to trauma, self-criticism, depression, and addiction. During the artist development program, I will help you uncover and release emotional blocks that keep you from moving forward and teach you tools you can use for the rest of your life.  These tools will help you break the unconscious negative loops and programs many gifted creative people experience.  

This is a life-changing coaching program taught on Zoom.  It’s not necessary to be in the Los Angeles area. 

Learn To Sing Like A Pro

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Discover Your Sound & Style

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.




This is the perfect program for any singer or songwriter who is serious about having a career in the music business as a recording artist,  no matter what your age is or what music school you’ve studied at.

Think of it this way; Instead of accumulating debt by attending a 4-year college program where you walk away with a piece of paper and a music degree, you can spend a fraction of the cost, and walk away as a fully developed artist. It’s a win-win!

You will not learn what this course teaches in music school. If you want to be an artist, this is the fastest and most effective option. It’s a step-by-step program that is customized to you, so you can become a master of yourself and your craft in the real world. 


My goal is to release multiple albums and tour.

I have been actively pursuing music for 8 years, performing concerts with a band and original music at local venues once a month, while working on recording an album. I took a break from 2018-2022 due to feeling directionless and lack of discipline. 

Meeting Marilee has honestly felt God intended, what with her knowledge of vocal training, the music industry, and what makes a “hit” song. I have never felt more hopeful in my music journey. 

If you think you don’t need to develop your songwriting, then you definitely do! My advice is to be open, honest, and humble. Especially humble. I know as an artist it can be hard to take constructive criticism when it comes to music that comes from your heart.

I am someone who thought I had it in the bag with songwriting, but I learned just how much more I could improve and be aware of how to make it a “hit. ” I learned my lyrics and melodies in my songs were solid but lacked the structure that helps a listener stick with a song and feel connected to it. Now my songs are exponentially better, thanks to Marilee!

Another thing I really didn’t understand was how to fully commit to my “niche” in my artistry. I had an idea of what I wanted to represent, but Marilee helped my see it for myself. I also didn’t understand the work ethic necessary. I struggle with a huge lack of self-discipline, which Marilee has been really instrumental in helping me through, like understanding my habits and what I can change on a daily basis to improve.

I have gained a greater sense of direction for my music career and I have dramatically improved. Honestly a lot of the “aha” moments have been more of spiritual/mental awareness that I didn’t know I needed. Marilee wants what’s best for you, and will lovingly call you out on things you need to work on on, as well as direct you to books and tools to apply to your life to help you grow. She’s kind and encouraging but also pushes you to better yourself!

I would absolutely recommend Marilee to anyone who wants to grow as a well rounded musical artist! I feel very excited about all that I’ve been learning, and it has been a humbling journey as well.


Before I started working with Marilee, I studied musical theatre at AMDA performing Arts College in New York City and I’d been pursuing my music career for 12 years.  

With Marilee in the program we work intensely on being a great artist. A lot of times mentors and teachers generalize the information and technique, but with Marilee, she finds your weakest points and strengthens them and brings you where you need to be in order to work professionally in the industry. You have to do the work. She really dives in and helps you become your most authentic self without forcing you to do stuff you don’t want to do. Its real advice for a real artists.

In the artist development program I learned a lot. I learned what my songwriting process is, and what comes first.  I grew to understand what my IT factor is and what makes me pop. The work helped me make better choices in terms of my message and what I’m supposed to be putting out there in my social media.

I feel amazing and more confident in what I’m doing. I can go into the studio and create great work. I feel like  I’m going to achieve everything I want and more. If I were in room with grammy award winners I would have the tools and confidence to showcase what I can do and they’d immediately get who I am as an artist.

The amount of knowledge Marilee has just help me feel more confident and I know what I’m doing.


I started writing music at 6 years old and then began writing lyrics and singing 4 yrs ago. My goal as an artist is to create music that makes people feel happy and free, which I think may cause a ripple effect.

After the course I realized I was missing the element of structure in my songs, and the classic formulas that musicians have been using for decades. The song writing course opened up a world of info and helped me create the right energy in the songs I make. I think the biggest “aha” moment was when I realized that I don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create great music. Great music comes from the heart, not from technical prowess. Marilee has a way of dissecting the essence of my songs/ideas and improving upon them while ensuring they stay true to my personality.

The biggest thing I didn’t understand about being an artist in general, was how honest you have to be with your audience. 

The artist development program not only affected my music, but also the way I live life as my music is an extension of who I am as a person. Putting in time, money, and effort into something I’m passionate about definitely helped me discover deeper qualities of my personality. It also helped me grow more confidence in expressing who I am and being able to push myself out of my comfort zone

If you’re planning to take the Artist Development Course and you’re unsure if it’s something for you, you need to look at what music means to you and how you believe it can affect your life and those around you. These are the fundamentals you can’t afford to miss. Having a guide to help you hone your passion will change how you operate in the world, and while it may not always be easy, working on your passion will improve the soul.

I recommend working with Marilee because of her vast knowledge of  what it takes to be a great Artist, her skills of music and songwriting, singing, lyricism, and her ability to teach those things effectively. 


Ideally, I’d like to be a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter,  evoke emotion with music, make a living off of my art, and do nothing but live my dream.

I have an extensive music background, being a classically-trained university musician, and have had music be a part of my life ever since I was able to speak. I felt, though, that I wasn’t really taking my music anywhere. I’d say that I have 17 years of musical experience.

The songwriting part of the course changed everything for me. I had always made the assumption that things that I hear on the radio are very easy to make, but I didn’t know how to approach making songs (like what makes a hit a hit). The program opened my perspective on writing quality songs and the structure of a common song. It also helped me figure out what kind of artist I wanted to be. I didn’t totally have that piece before I started working with Marilee.  She really helped me clarify who I am as an artist and what I’m expressing and how I am expressing it in my songs. My phrasing and vocal performance are much better.

Marilee has helped me learn to embrace myself so that others can embrace me. There is a process she walks you through to break through. She brings to the table care, quality, and understanding of the client in regards to their vision and purpose that other teachers lack. I would absolutely recommend working with her. I’m satisfied and eager to learn and produce more music.

Bryson B.


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