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My name is Marilee Tangen. I  completely understand what my students go through because I’ve been there myself. Anybody who’s trying to be an artist in the music industry knows it’s impossible to do alone. I help my students stop spinning their wheels and get them set up to succeed. 

Having a coach makes a world of difference. I’m here to guide and support artists so they don’t get lost in the process and give up. There’s a lot to know. 

I am a licensed songwriter and before I started coaching one on one, I worked with top vocal coaches, professional singers and musicians, and spent over 15 years in recording studios in New York and LA. I have studied voice with the best of the best, including  Ron Anderson, who is a celeb vocal coach and has been one of the vocal coaches on American Idol.  I also received a dance scholarship at Phil Black’s Studio in Manhattan, which was given to JLo the previous year. 

During the last 13 years as a vocal coach, I have explored which teaching techniques work best for my students, so they can truly grow vocally and see long-term results.  I work with many developing artists and encourage them all to become songwriters.  

I love helping my students peel back the layers of self-doubt, face their personal challenges, learn how to tap into their creative flow, and push their perceived limitations so they can become a pro and achieve their greatness.  Most artists need help getting out of their own way so they can break through their self-limiting patterns. I know this to be true from personal experience. 🙂  Guidance and a great team are necessary. 



Over time, I’ve learned that each student is unique in their talent, as well as how and what they need to learn. I teach organically, yet in a structured way and cater to each student, depending on skill level and personal goals. Everything I do while teaching has a reason. Consistency is key.

My students who are striving to be professional singers and recording artists eventually learn that voice lessons are a spiritual experience that mirrors their personal lives. It’s really so much more than a voice lesson.

I look forward to helping you fulfill your goals as a singer and songwriter, and being part of your personal journey to success.

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